Just when you think that life is sailing along , just fine and dandy. All the sudden you fall into a huge hole and you just have to dig yourself out of it. That’s exactly what happened to me. I gotta say I am a very Happy easy going person, I love life and people. I was at work the other day and all the sudden I could not breathe. Had a hard time catching my breath. Nothing would help.( actually I do have something that helps me, however in the workplace I am not allowed to use it) So long story short, my hubby took me to the hospital. After 6 hours of , ECG’s, blood work, pain meds, x-rays, lots of things ruled out. I got to leave with a Doctor’s note to come home to rest.
The nasty S word and the Nasty A word! Yes you got it Stress & Anxiety. They seem to made quite the recipe for disaster. Well I have the tools for these Bad Boys.
So yesterday and today have been self care.❤️ Taking care of moi! If I do not take care of me then I cannot take care of anyone else. Everything has been set aside for a few days. I am also very thankful for my Red antioxidant Juice which is also supporting my body .
You can also pop on over for a quick video on my You tube channel about my self care yesterday and today.
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What self care are you doing for yourself?


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