I just wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things that I really like.
For one I LOVE the ocean, its free, I can go anytime I want and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. I can sit and just listen to the ocean waves crash against the rocks.

Another favorite thing I love is Panda Bears. I loved seeing them for the first time in Toronto a few years back with my cousin Lisa, I know we spent at least a couple hours watching these beautiful bears. They did put on quite the circus show for us. Have you ever watched a video on a momma panda and her baby? OOH My brings tears to my eyes each time I watch. 

My Bible!! OH how I love my BIBLE!! The living word just jumps off the pages at me every time. There is always a lesson in there. I love soaking in the word daily.

I also love supporting our Local Businesses as I feel that is SO important. We have a lot of wonderful stores in our town, that sometimes you can find just the right item you are looking for. 


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