Ok Y'all!!!  So here is the thing.... back last week I was invited to do a phone freedom challenge! I jumped right on it. As I know that darn phone is hooked right to my hip... Constantly checking it!!  Seriously we all have that problem right!! I knew it had become a huge problem and I was bound to get it to a healthier relationship! SO I took the plunge with this  Phone Challenge.

 So day one went well ok... and I soon realized after watching the video HOW addicted I have been to my phone. Even now more than ever. Raise those hands out there if you are one of those phone people who like your phone is hot glued to your hand!

So I decided to choose a day that   I would go 24 hours without my phone.  I kinda was able to do it .. however not fully, because I just seem to be so needed by my phone.  Then I also decided to use the screen time in the settings to monitor how much screen time I was using.  ooh YEP I was using way TOOOOOOO much screen time!! BIG TIME!!! 

So the other day at work I took my phone out on my break to check my phone. Its was SUPER DUPER HOT!! I could not do anything with it and all the sudden it was doing its own thing. It said it was saving data for like 30 mins. So once that was done, my phone was still super hot , like so hot to touch it. THEN , THEN a thermometer showed that it was too hot to use and that I would have to wait for it to cool down. YIKES!!!!  ok what is going on with my phone.  THEN it was dead... just like that dead. When I got home I put it on the charger and charged it to 80% I turned it off and the next morning when I got up . It was DEAD!!! it would not even turn on, I plugged it in and nothing it was dead. It was not even reading a battery reading.
SO normally I would be like freaking out because my phone is dead. However I was NOT freaking out at all. I actually felt freedom! Freedom from .... people... the world... expectations. 
I worked a night shift last night so my husband kindly drove my phone 1.5 hours away to the Apple Doctor!! I found out today when I woke up that it is not a battery issue and actually it's the mother board that is fried! So yep its Dead!! Am I bothered.. NOPE.. not in the slightest. Strange hey! I didn't even have a tantrum!
SO what is going to happen now.....  LOL  

Well they have ordered me a new  iphone.  They say it will take 5 days to arrive at the store that is 1.5 hours away. So I conclude I will probably be another week without a phone.   So therefore I for sure exceed my 24 hours without a phone. ha ha... 

I believe that things do work out for a reason and this is giving me the time to adjust and get over my hooked on my phone!  

Yes I need my phone for my business.  However I find this will really give me a week of more of reflection on how that is going to look going forward.

This post is not even a rant, at all. I  feel it is an enlightenment for me. Putting things in perspective. Figuring out how to do things just a little bit differently. 
So as for the phone challenge I feel that I am going to rock it! I am still doing the exercises I printed off! 

Set your minds on things that are above , not on things that are on the earth.  Colossians 3:2


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