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Meet Claudette ~Feeling So Inspired 🌸

I am Claudette, a mom, friend, daughter , and so much more.❤️

I love life, nature, chasing waterfalls and sitting on the beach for hours listening to the waves crash, and love hearing the sound of the rocks roll. I love my family. I also love photography, nature and people.

These last few years the LORD has taken me to a whole new level of understanding of my relationship with Jesus!  I truly feel this is my reason for being here on this earth to help others. I feel such a fiery passion inside my soul. The Lord put a Lady in my journey not to long ago who I shared my story with and she told me over the phone that I am a " Torch Bearer". I could feel the HOLY SPIRIT Goosebumps all over my body! My Word for this year 2021 is IGNITE!!  I have a boldness within me to share the LOVE of JESUS with others! It is not just about religion, I am not religious! I have a very VERY close relationship with JESUS CHRIST my LORD! Come share in my journey with me! You will not be disappointed! I PROMISE!

I would love to hear feedback, and or any questions you may have.
There is a reason you are here.😀

“Come join our FREE community of Fierce and Fearless women sharing their testimonies about how the LORD is working in their lives. You can find me on FB and the link to my free group is under my profile picture.
Let’s have fun and grow together. 💞  BE BOLD!!! Take a STAND ! 

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