30 plus ONE   <<<<NEW COURSE >>>>>>
This Course has 9 Modules
You will have an understanding of 
Biblical Colors
Biblical Numbers
Vision and Clarity steps for your goals and future
You will have an understanding of how to listen for the HOLY SPIRIT
You will have 1% Bible Prompts to fit into your day
You will know how to dig deeper into prayer
Also you will have an understanding about how the LORD speaks to us through Dreams and Visions
Also included  7 Days of Bible Devotions from the Beach
Many PDF's to print off with information from these modules.

Clubhouse Mastery Beginner Course
 A course that will take you 45 mins to 1 hour to complete
To be able to navigate around Clubhouse App Without feeling lost
Will Boost your Confidence to start entering Rooms

Clubhouse Mastery Intermediate Course
Here is where you learn how to use Clubhouse to network with others, build relationships and build your business by helping and supporting others.

You will learn the "hacks" of making an amazing Bio, using your profile picture, hosting rooms and clubs! 
There is also an amazing tool in here on what to name your clubs and rooms! GREAT IDEAS!!! 
How to Use Clubhouse and Instagram together.

The Key to everything is collaboration! 

Instructions on how to make an IG reel! 

JOY of Vision Bible Study 
   - a 4 week Bible study course
   - can be done alone or with a group
   - 5 days a week  15-20 mins of your time each day

Igniting the Flame

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