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Anointed to Soar Facilitator

 AFT actually came from something else called EFT and they just added oils to it then turned it into a course.

But AFT and EFT are both very new age and self empowerment driven.  They are all about you having your own power.

Anointed to Soar is a combination of over 16 other training courses plus my own life lessons  I've learned over the last 40 years from being wounded, and also from being a wounded person who wounds people, and then Father showed me a better way!

It has a couple things that are similar to AFT, we set a goal, use oils, put a number on how much we believe our statement and bring up memories with oils.  But that is basically AFT's only contribution to this (which is truly EFT's contribution except the oils).

So here is where some of it comes from:

Dr. Caroline Leaf trainings

Dr. Corrine Allen (Brain Advance) weekend retreats and courses

Mamahug Barbara Ward Stephens (Solutions for an Abundant Life) leadership training

Dr. Doug Corrigan (DNA and Cell info)

Many deliverance ministry trainings over the years

Be In Health with Dr. Henry Wright

Emotional Healing courses

CARE emotional release sessions from Dr David Stewart

Some items from First Steps to Success

16 years of training on oils and emotions

And then the rest is deep, intense Scripture study and spiritual downloads from the Holy Spirit.

This ministry is called Anointed to Soar, so you will be an Anointed to Soar Facilitator. You will have a certification with my name and your name on it.  You can call them healing sessions, deliverance prayer, emotional healing etc.  But the name that the Father gave me for it is Anointed to Soar... after much, much prayer over it.

Some people understand it better when I call it, 

"Anointed to Soar emotional healing sessions".

Information courtesy of Claudette Ross

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