My name is Claudette. I'm the founder of My Awesome Business and love to help people just like you through life issues that are holding them back.

I'll help you wherever you are.  
I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and I'm most likely on a Zoom call or Enjoying the Outside right now!!
What can I help you with?
Anointed to Soar - Emotional Healing 
Let's work together to set up a personalized plan for you. 
Joy of Vision - 4 Week Bible Study 
This Bible Study takes you deeper in your time with God and pulls your focus to be in the moment for your Future!
Jumping on the Clubhouse App!! That is where everyone is at!!! Amazing Leaders and coaches right at your fingertips!!!
Get my free guide for 3 free tips to Navigate around clubhouse! 

Connecting With Like-Minded People  
Join my growing community of amazing  women   and see what other ladies are talking about! 
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